Weekend Update: Blog, Family & More!

Summer in the south is blazing hot. Yes, the convenience of a pool is absolutely awesome. However, the maintenance can be a pain. Before I jump into Saturday, let me say Friday Movie night was epic. I enjoy buying movies from iTunes for these Friday movie nights. I picked up a mix of comedy and action. If you need a good laugh, I highly suggest you check out the new Going in Style. This movie is seriously a relevant good movie that has moments where you will seriously laugh.

Saturday I spent helping my mom vacuum out their pool. The good news is that by helping with upkeep I have a standing invite to use it. Again, it’s hot here in the summer. Things started off great until the lovely ants started to bite. Honestly didn’t they have anything better to do? I guess, “no pain, no gain” applies to this one. By the end of this adventure the pool was sparkling clean and I was a “hot” mess. Well I couldn’t let this one slow me down too much due to the Baby shower that was planned in the afternoon.

What did I take to the shower? Meatballs. Yes, the overly simple yet delicious staple shower food. On a side note, with a family as extensive as mine I have honed the best quick food recipes for whipping up in a pinch. I am one that is always on the go and often run out of time to make anything. So meatballs in a crockpot? I just take regular frozen meatballs, Apple Jelly, and Sonny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce. Totally Awesome and delicious. Meatballs are always a hit. Thank goodness I grabbed some at Sam’s Club last weekend right? Don’t these look delicious?

The baby shower festivities. Babies are a reason to always throw a party. It’s always an adventure seeing family. It seems if you want to say anything you have to talk over one another. However, this is something that I’ve become quite accustomed to growing up here. There are 3 guarantees for every family get together: You will eat way too much, the food will be amazing, and you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Punch, super yummy shower food, and of course Sweet tea. Yes, I may possibly love Sweet Tea. If you have never had real Southern Sweet tea, then you are really missing out. Being from a large family with so many people, we have had a chance to perfect all our recipes over the years. After that wrapped up, I headed to the office to finish some work that I forgot to do. Thankfully, it didn’t take too much away from the weekend. I spent the rest of my night working on blog posts and watching Saturday night Hallmark movies. I seriously can’t wait to see the new Christmas Hallmark Movies!

I find that weekends are key to recharging my batteries. Basically when you have a stressful job like I do, it’s a good idea to get away from it all on the weekends. It’s crucial in maintaining your sanity. Sunday, well Sunday is typically, as of recently, my bread baking day. I start with drinking an epic cup of coffee thanks to my Keurig and woke my body up for a long day. I have really got the hang of making homemade bread from reading the book, “One Dough, Ten Breads: Making Great Bread by Hand.” Sarah Black has amazing bread recipes and gives very detailed directions. I keep this on my Nook, iPad and iPhone and have the recipes bookmarked for reference. There are techniques in this book that make all the difference in baking. In between letting the rising fazes of making bread I also gathered everything to fill orders so that all my lovely customers will get their Epic Mascara and Lash Growth Serum next week. I had enough time to get those together with all the extras I include before it’s time to pop the bread in the oven. As the bread bakes I do all the dishes, load all the dishes into the dishwasher.

Have you ever tried to wait to cut into freshly baked bread? Well I recommend it because it’s really hot, but it’s supper hard to resist. Eating fresh baked bread is a monumental experience. As Sunday came to a close I caught up on some Tanked episodes and got all the laundry done for the upcoming days. It’s amazing to me every week how quickly the weekend flies by. I seriously start dreading Monday on Sunday morning. It’s always that I am never able to get everything done that I set out to do.

Oh well, there’s always next weekend. How was your weekend? What did you do? Today I’m linking up with B Loved Boston.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears ..Oh My!

Hello lovelies!

Yes, you guessed it those are famous words from The Wizard of Oz.  Today I am linking up with both Sami , Molly & Meg! Well my weekend was so busy that I literally felt like a tornado had lifted me up and spun me around! At some points this weekend I was ready to click my heels and say “There’s no place like home.” I must admit it was kind of depressing, I missed my sorority chapter’s week of recruitment and bid day. I use to love attending these so being so far away sometimes is hard. The weekend definitely flew by for me and yet again I had little time to catch some r&r. I was very surprised to see that my Nume Flat Iron was delivered a day early and of course I tried it out Friday night! I will be doing a full review of this product, as well as all of the products that were sent in this kit.


I did talk to this guy which I will call C and I have talked to him for a few years now. I know that time seems to stand still when talking to him, but I have realized throughout the years that this situation is never going to progress for many reasons. So womp womp this is something that he needs to take into considerations before he calls me every day. Anyways ..moving on! Friday night I was tweeting away when someone tweeted me this! Bahaha I just about died from laughing!


I did wake up Saturday morning to a picture text message from Rachel showing me the damage that was made to her car in an accident. I can say that I seriously felt for her. I have had my share of bump ins and they are never fun! If you saw twitter on Saturday then you already know that I spent my entire day at the church decorating my mom’s Sunday School classroom. You see my mom loves the kids in her class and she loves going all out to make Sunday school special for them. Don’t even get me started on how much we have to do for Vacation Bible School. Anyways, I spent Saturday making a Tree-mendous display that looks amazing. Unfortunately as I was trying to take a picture, my phone died, which was not surprising since I had been going fill blast for over nine hours. So you will only be able to see a smidgen of the room which is now fully decorated from floor to ceiling. However, after a long day of work there I headed home.


Suday Funday came around and passed quickly! It seems that by the time I get through making the large Sunday Lunch that is tradition most of the morning was gone I spent the rest of the day getting my life together for the next work week and week of blogging. I have been trying out some new products that were sent to me, so make sure that you stay tuned for those! I spent Sunday night making a virtual party and Facebook event for my Scentsy party!  I also realized that my tan had faded and fake baked while watching old episodes of Vampire Diaries. My new tv obsession is Friday Night Lights, it comes on this random channel Pivot and I am loving it. I know it is an older series, but someone when it was new I somehow overlooked it. It seriously takes me back to high school. While watching some tv I decided to order some pizza, of course I hit up Dominos. Which by the way you really need to check up the updated tracker, it is too funny!
I am so excited that the sign up is soon ending for the Pretty Little Beauty Swap program! Justine and I have been working hard to make this a fun program that all can enjoy. Sign up ends 9/10, Sign up now!


If you missed Fridays post then you are so out of the loop on the little adventure that I am embarking on. If you want to read the full details you can do so here! Basically I am hosting the first ever blog party! Specifically I am hosting a Scentsy party! Now I must admit that I have a Scentsy bar burning about 7 days a week. I am absolutely obsessed with the house smelling great. I was first introduced to this brand a few months ago and since then I have become quite acquainted with this brand. I am so thankful to have been introduced to this brand. I did place yet another order over the weekend, I just could not wait any longer. If you are someone that loves Camouflage, the Military, Nature, Football, Owls, and about anything else. I have recently fallen in love with White Owls, so when I saw one in the catalogue then I had to get it. I can’t wait to reveal all that I got and post a review.


I know that I purchased a variety of stuff based on recommendations from people like Rachel, so is quite familiar with this brand. I am so excited to get some fall things to go into my Cara Box for my match. Though matches have not been posted yet I am already planning out how to make the box fabulous! Make sure that you check out my Scentsy party and if you want to do some shopping for yourself. I have a deal that I can not disclose on the blog but if you email me I will be happy to tell you! Check out My Party here!

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Well that pretty much wraps up my Weekend! I hope that you all had a fabulous one and do tell me what you favorite part of the weekend was this time!

Banging my head on my desk…

Hello Lovelies!


Bang…Bang…Bang, not I am not referring to chitty chitty bang bang. However, I am referring to the sound of me banging my head on my desk this morning as it occurs to me that I just want to go back to sleep. I am not a morning person by any means, but having 2 hours of sleep really does not help my case. Anyways the show must go on! So today is Monday and you know what that means….it is time for the Weekend Update & Monday Mingle!

Well if you signed up for Bigs & Littles make sure you check out yesterday’s post…hint hint matches have been revealed!
So once again my pictures are almost none existent, but when you spend 80% of your weekend on a laptop, there are not many pictures to take…just saying!
I did give some Beauty Advice on Friday which prompted me to purchase some more MAC stuff, it is sad just how much makeup I have. I actually gave a ton of makeup to my mom yesterday to make way for some new stuff. Needless to say she was very happy, especially with how much and the value of what I gave her. I then organized fixed the mess I made last week. To me it always is better for me to start a week off with all my makeup stuff organized, because trust me by Friday it literally looks like a Tornado hit it. I am usually running like a crazy woman so organization is key for making my day run smoothly.


The top right picture is my day planner. This is how I keep my life together. Literally as busy as I am I have to write things down or I seriously will forget. If you are in the market for one of these check out time. mine! I spent Saturday jotting down all the things I have coming up and crossing off the things I completed. If this keeps up I am going to really have to color coordinate things, and I am not looking forward to that. I am just not a fan, because I make many mistakes and you can’t erase highlighter..at least I don’t think you can!
In addition to MAC, as most of you know I ordered a haul from The Balm last week. I have never seen them have this much stuff so if you want to check it out click here ..like now..because this ale is almost over!
Well I had to throw in the flowers I received last week for my one year anniversary at work. They lasted a long time, but this morning it seemed they had seen their better days and had to be thrown out. I had to mention them to once again thank the people that I work with.
So my weekend in a nutshell is shopping, planning, Bigs & Littles, and writing. I have loads of great stuff coming soon to this blog starting Wednesday!

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How was your weekend?