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I am so excited to be teaming up with Kristyn from Carolina FirefliesAmanda from Rhyme & Ribbons, and Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair to bring you a one-time link-up!
So “GET EXCITED LADIES” for it is time for the Greek is Greek Link-up!
So here goes!!!
TOGA TOGA TOGA! Well that does not sum up my Greek experience, but I did attend a fair amount of Toga parties! So I guess I should start from the beginning. Freshmen year of college brought many surprises. I was one that never thought that I would join a sorority. I just did not think I fit into that “type” of girl that would be a member. Well the first Thursday night I was out with a few friends at one of the frat houses when I met one of the ZTAs. We immediately clicked and formed a friendship from the start. It was not long before I was meeting other sisters, having movie nights, and was talked into going through recruitment. I have to say that I was terrified that I would get cut. By night four of recruitment I was still being invited back to all the sororities’ recruitment parties.

I saw many girls that were my friends that were cut, and I was praying I was not one of them. At that point one sorority thought I was going to go their way and the my ZTA friend told me that they were thinking I was not going to choose them. Let me mention real quick that there were two sororities on campus. I am not going to go into lots of depth about this because it is not the main point of this post. Anyways, leaving the last night and filling out my pref card was hard. I was faced with Choosing either one, listing them in order or what they call suicide-ing..which is super dangerous. So I chose the place that I felt was home. Needless to say on Bid Day I was told that my my new sisters that it was quite the shock that I picked them. However, when you just just know.

Events in Phots: Sister Pick My Mister(Little Sister picked my date that was not my current boyfriend lol), Birthday Parties, The Night of My 21st Birthday, Theme parties, Formals, Flower Wars, Placing a Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon in the Middle of BFF’s forehead, crazy photo ops, and lots of laughs! It was honestly hard to pick just a few photos to sum up my collegiate sorority experience.  

Time went on and my first sorority friend became my Big sister, you can see two of my littles and one of my grandlittles in the picture above. I must admit that she had me convinced I was not her little, but when the time came to find out my big I could not have been happier. Throughout my first year I developed many friendships with all of my new sisters. Sometimes it still do not seem real that I am a ZTA Alumae. I became super active and served on many boards within and out of my sorority. So technically we are a fraternity, because we founded ourselves. However, mostly we get associated as being a sorority  because we are women. Anyways, I ended up on being on the Panhellenic council and playing big roles in campus activities. By my second year I was chosen to be someone’s big! In all at the end of my collegiate career I had 5 littles(2 adopted) and 3 Grandlittles.

I also became a fraternity little sister and dated my share of fraternity guys as well. I attended Greek formals, parties and banquets of all kinds. I also made so many friendships that will last a lifetime.

I had the time of my life due to joining this sorority. I was opened up to so many opportunities and I was brought out of my shell. I found that being a member kept me happy, dedicated and focused on making memories and having the time of my life while in college. I wish so many times that I could go back and relieve just one of those days. They say you meet your bridesmaids when you go to college…Well I just so happens something better happened, I met my sisters!

Regardless of your Greek or Non-Greek affiliation this is an experience that is truly remarkable. I know that I love my sorority sisters with all my heart. One this is for sure regardless of where they are or what school they attended, this sisterhood is one that bonds you together and you will always have someone to lean on because of it! I know that I was super surprised to find out that two of my favorite bloggers were my sorority sisters.  I hope that if you ever get the chance that you become Greek or share in a Greek Life experience!

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Carolina Fireflies

Greek is Greek Linkup Announcement!

I am so excited to be teaming up with Kristyn from Carolina Fireflies, Amanda from Rhyme & Ribbons, and Kelly from Messy Dirty Hair to bring you a one-time link-up!

So “GET EXCITED LADIES” for the Greek is Greek Link-up!

Now, how did this idea come about?  Well, about a week ago, I was on Twitter and noticed a conversation going on about greek affiliations.  I am a Gamma Phi Beta and love meeting other greeks so of course I jumped in on the conversation!  I could try to explain how it went down, but it’s just better for you to read for yourself 🙂

And thus, the Greek is Greek link-up was born!

We will all be linking up on Wednesday, August 7th and hope that you all will join us!!

If you were greek, tell us about it!  We want to meet you!  If you weren’t greek, tell us about some greek experience you had – a fraternity formal you went on, maintaining a relationship with your best friend that was in a sorority, how happy you were that you didn’t join a sorority, whatever you want!

So dig up those old sorority photos (I’ve got some great ones!), get your post ready, grab a button, and link-up with us on August 5th!

Carolina Fireflies

Carolina Fireflies

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!