I recently picked up…+ Reviews!

Makeup Galore today! Recently I went on a major shopping trip in Atlanta. Mainly my goal was to pick up a new vanity from IKEA and organization, which I will talk about later. However, I did go to one of the CCO stores near by and also picked up a couple of things over the past week. Then to avoid spending hours in Sephora I ordered online and also picked up a few things from CVS. So I hope you all enjoy all of the beauty products that are headed your way!

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in shade 2N1 Desert Beige
MAC Eye shadow in Once upon a time (LE from Year of the Snake collection)
Clinique Shimmering tones powder in 01 Shimmering berries
MAC Pearmatte Face powder in shade In For A Treat(LE from Baking Beauties Collection–Still available)
I will be doing a review of the foundation soon, but I will say that I am in love with everything! I was able to find where you can purchase all but the eye shadow. I highly recommend going to your local CCO(Cosmetic Company Outlet) To find the closest CCO to you click here! The CCO that I went to was an Estee Lauder one, which featured brands like: Estee Lauder, MAC, Origins, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, and Smashbox. 
Those that read my blog often know that I am obsessed with the MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation. Well running out of this stuff is not fun due to living so far away from a Sephora and Shipping taking longer than a hot minute. Due to having recent sun and my skin going much darker, I needed to pick up a different shade anyways. Needless to say this is a marvelous foundation that you should try! I seriously can’t say enough great things about it!
The highligher from Becca is one that has been sitting in my cart for a ridiculous amount of time. Being that I was placing a sephora.com order I thought I might as well get it this time. Can I say I am just in love with this product! It goes on smooth and blends like a dream. This is a high-end product but I justify all spending based on them lasting forever. This powder is so finely milled and creates such a glow to the skin that I can say it is worth every penny. I can’t wait to pick up the other shade!
Sephora also had was giving away 5 samples with orders to I picked out 5 amazing samples, which I don’t know if it was a great idea due to falling in love with some highend mascaras! I also found a code for Sephora when I went to login to my Ebates account that landed me the Pantone color makeup bag! Heck yeah! If you aren’t a member of Ebates then be one today! It is free and is a great way to make money while spending money! Click here to join!

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer

Milani Baked Bronzer in Shade 05

Milani Baked Blush in shade 08 Coralina

Milani Baked Blush in shade 11 Bella Rosa

Milani Baked Blush in shade 10 Delizioso Pink

Recently due to being outside I knew my makeup was going to be sliding off my face and was in need of a great primer. On my random visit to CVS to pick up sunscreen I saw this primer and thought that it would be worth it to try it out. I will say that this is not cheap, I believe it was around $18.00. However, this is an amazing primer for oily skin. I love that it helps keep my oily at bay while not drying out my skin. I highly recommend this! 

Now the bronzer is one that I am not loving quite yet, but I am still working with it. However, if you are one not familiar with Milani Baked Blushes then you are missing out. I was so surprised in this CVS trip to see the new matte blushes and picked up both shades. While I was at it with the buy 1 get 1 50% off I also picked up this beautiful coral shade. Overall I highly recommend these blushes!

Well that’s all the beauty for today! Make sure you check back to hear all about my epic IKEA experience. 

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me what you have picked up lately?