Three on Thursday| ACM Awards, Makeup & More!

It’s TGIT and I am super excited to be joining Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect for Three on Thursday. I have followed her blog for years and super excited to join her today for 3 on Thursday. Today I am going to share my list of three things that I am loving this week!

One| ACM Awards
Carrie killed it. She literally killed it. Immediately after watching her performance of Cry Pretty I jumped on iTunes and bought this new single. She not only sounded amazing but she looked amazing. If you have been living under a rock you wouldn’t know that she was in an accident at her house a few months back and had a ton of stitches. Her new single Cry Pretty has played on my phone, ipad, and macbook at least 10 times a day since the beginning of the week. I seriously can’t get enough. Proof of how good this song is can be found on the iTunes charts. Seriously what a great song! Take a listen for yourself. It’s a total Female Anthem!

Two| Bobbi Brown Capri Nudes Eye Shadow Palette
Recently I went on a little bit of a Bobbi Brown shopping spree. Since I literally use all the products daily. One that quickly landed in my daily makeup section was the Capri Nudes Eye Shadow Palette. This palette is seriously gorgeous. You can achieve the most natural daytime look and then amp it up to a smoky nighttime look. I seriously am obsessed with it!

Three| All Things Planning
Over the past month I have really wanted to get into planning. I think with my current job diving into planning could really help. I did go into this a little in yesterday’s post so you can check that out for more. However, I have spent a ton of money buying B6 size planners, planner stickers and accessories. I am waiting for everything to come in, but I am so excited to get started planning. I have found some amazing items like this planner I shared on my instagram as well as some stickers from shops like My Newest Addiction, Simply Watercolor Co & Scribble Prints Co. Make sure you follow me on instagram as I will be posting pictures of my hauls as they come in.

Make sure you head over and check out Stephanie’s blog! Good news is that we have one more day till the weekend! Happy Thursday, hope you all enjoy TGIT(For all the Greys lovers out there).

Pinteresting Picks Wednesday| The Backwards Way & How to Triple Blog Traffic

Welcome back to Pinteresting Picks Wednesday! How’s the week going thus far? I seriously attempted to write this post while watching the voice. However, I did get work done on commercial breaks. Well a week like mine has been challenging to say the least, but life is what we make of it right? I admit I am addicted to Pinterest and have been for years, which is what instigated this post series. Want to join me? Leave your post below. I would love to see the Pinteresting Picks you’ve discovered this week. Here are my favorites for the week. I will preface this by saying I have truly discovered a new favorite blogger (Erica from Coming Up Roses the Blog). I recommend checking all of these out!

I admit I was looking for ways to optimize my time to get more done. There’s such a big thrill associate with marking something off the “to-do” list. I’m the kind of person that is consistently overloaded and I always am looking for a way to knock off things on my to-do list quicker. This post is how I discovered the “eat the frog” vs. backwards technique. Erica totally blew my mind with, “My Totally Backwards Way to Get More Done.” I admit I wondered if she was totally crazy or a total genius when I started reading this post. I can’t believe I randomly came across this post from Pinterest. It’s truly eye opening.


As someone that is currently drowning in sticky notes, I am looking forward to doing the “Backwards Way” technique. Honestly just reading this post had my wheels slowing down and stress level decreasing. I really like her ideas on prioritizing and booking hours. In my line of business, I really think this will work for me. The overworked, frustrating life that I have been living is totally no bueno! Seriously most days I run around like a chicken with my head cutoff. I literally know the Backwards way is totally going to work for me. 


I’ve ordered a planner, planner stickers, accessories and once they come in I am hella determined to conquer my life using the tips and tricks in this post. Are you more of a “eat the frog” or “Backwards Way” kind of girl? 



The next post that intrigued me was, “How I Tripled my Blog Traffic in Two Weeks.” Seriously mind blown. Plus pinning images 50 times in one day. Considered double mind blown. Nope, seriously just nope. In comes Tailwind. Granted I’ve heard of tailwind before, but never explained to this magnitude. In this post, she listed out clearly what you need to do before you sign up for tailwind, as well as a guide to tailwind, and how it works. I think it’s important to research a program before signing up. 


What makes this post stand out is that even if you don’t want to use tailwind, the motivating tips you can take from this post would make a difference in your Pinterest game. 

Southern Beauty Guide


Well that’s what I have this week for you! I seriously found the best pins this week. You know they are great when you immediately book mark a post. What have you been loving on Pinterest this week? Leave your picks in the comments below! 

Why is it important to organize your makeup collection?

Why is it important to organize your makeup collection? As a Beauty blogger and Makeup Artist I spend a lot of my time organizing my collection. I consistently am adding to my collection through PR and purchases of my own. After some time your makeup collection will overflow, if you don’t have things organized and some items removed. I have some tips and tricks for you to utilize your collection. You see it’s not just about organization, it’s about making the most out of what you have.

Why it is important to organize your Makeup Collection


There are tons of options for organization. From Ikea desks and Alex drawers to acrylic storage and odds and ends from the container store. I am a huge fan of organizing my makeup in a way where I can see it, which normally translates to acrylic. I utilize Muji drawers and the Original Beauty Box for this. I love how I can organize my collection to group all the blushes and actually am able to see what each drawer contains. I also have one of the Ikea desks that I use as my makeup vanity, which contains one large drawer for additional storage. It’s important to have organization so that you know what you have and use it well.

Clean it|

Yes your makeup collection also needs to be added to the cleaning schedule. I love to pull everything out, sanitize it inside and out, and put it back. Typically I do this while I am organizing my collection. I always keep Windex, Lysol wipes and Makeup sanitation spray on hand.

Move it around|

Often we get caught up in makeup trends that we buy things we don’t need or sometimes already have in our collection. The easiest way to fully use all of the makeup in your collection is to move it around. Bring things in the back to the front. I often do this and find products I loved and totally forgot about.

Trash & Donate|

Once every few months I go through my collection and trash expired products. Liquid products, especially Mascara is the first to go. My rule of thumb is if the smell and/or texture of a product changes then it’s time to toss it. On the flip side, products that I don’t use or don’t work for me I help them find a new home. I am telling you 100% you know someone that could use these products and love them. I typically donate makeup to women’s shelters and give some to family and friends. If it’s a product you aren’t using then it’s really of no use to you. This is the philosophy I use to keep my collection under control.

As you can see there are so many reasons all of us should organize our makeup collections. Regardless if it’s to donate or simply to clean there’s always a reason to do this. You never know your next makeup collection organization day may prove to hold a great discovery of one of your favorite makeup products.


Happy Wednesday! It’s that day again! We are halfway to the weekend..thank goodness right? It’s Pinteresting Picks Wednesday once again! My epic saga of obsession with pinterest continues. This saga took a short break as I totally needed it as life has kept me hopping. However, I am trying to get back into the swing of things and thought this would be a great way to start. Don’t get me wrong life may be busy, but I always have a car ride where I am clearly not driving daily to browse Pinterest.

This week I scavenged pinterest for more blog help related pins, as I need them as well. I find that I have discovered some amazing tips bog tips and even some of my favorite bloggers just from searching blog related topics in pinterest. Some are older posts and some are newer. I find a great posts really never gets old like the one from Helene In Between. So without further ado let’s get started!

I’ve featured Helene in Between in many of my Pinteresting Picks Wednesday posts, but it’s because she does an amazing job at writing informative posts that are very helpful. I have always looked up to her as a blogger as her blog literally exploded on the market and she has had much success. As I was scrolling through pinterest this post on “5 Things I did that Exploded My Blog” came up. I literally said, “Yes, Please.” It’s a short list of things that you may already have, but can revamp for a newly invigorated blog. pictures. As per usual, Helene always comes up with the most helpful posts.

Kimi of the House of Kinsey came up with this post on, “How to Write Great Pinterest Image Descriptions.” I found this super interesting as Pinterest is a great platform for attracting readers to your blog. I have seen over the years tons of new readers becoming followers based off of a pin on pinterest. She really does a great job at pointing out how to improve your techniques. She really has a very informative step by step process of how to even use Yoast and what it looks like on Pinterest. There is so much detailed information in this post that I really recommend bookmarking it.

Well I learned “10 Things to Check before hitting Publish,” this morning which was very intriguing. I am always looking for checklist to go by to make sure everything is perfect. I find I am always rushing to post a blog post, and often I have to go back and fix something. This is pretty annoying habit that I really need to work on. I seriously want to make a task list for every post based on this list. Writing successful blog post is so much more than a post just being good. Blogging has changes over the past few years and now there is even more you have to do to count on a post being a slam dunk. Make sure you check out this post!

Well Jenny from Breakfast at Lilly’s is right about one thing, Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration. Seriously beyond that she has some really great tips for mastering planning blog content. I think planning is a super personal method for every blogger. Not everything will work for everyone. By generalizing ideas Jenny gave tips that will work for everyone. She mentioned some really great ideas like checking upcoming holidays. Every holiday seems to come with tons of blog posts. Ever realized you missed a holiday as you are scrolling bloglovin’? Yea, me too!

These are just a few of the amazing pins blog related that are super helpful! I love reading all of these posts to get ideas for myself. I admit that life gets so busy that blogging often goes to the background. However, when it’s something you love to do it’s important to find a way to keep going. I guess one could say that’s why I always seem to come back.

Southern Beauty Guide

What have you been loving on Pinterest lately? I can’t wait to see what you have all been loving this week. Don’t forget to comment your posts full of your favorite pins!