DIY Z-Palette & Depotting!

Hello Lovelies,

So after I got lots of response about a post I did recently about z-palettes and depotting, I decided to post the answers to your questions as well as information on how to make your own. Though there are many techniques to  accomplish any of this, this is just the route that I chose. About two weeks ago I was browsing YouTube and saw some videos on how to depot and make my own DIY Palette. Well you may ask yourself why in the world would I be doing this, I mean it is messing and time consuming. Well there is a quick answer to this and the pictures below will show you how in doing this will de-clutter your collection.

These palettes are useful for all kinds of products. I personally love using them for blushes and eye shadows. So if you are unfamiliar with these palettes, they basically are a magnetic palette that your products that are in metal pans cling to. You will actually be surprised at how many of these will actually cling to the magnetic surface. I am also linking below YouTube videos on how to make these and how to make the palette and how to depot. I tried to record and it was just a huge mess, my good camera that has a great HD Video feature is no longer working. Regardless, I found some great how-to guides to show you guys how to create these.

How To: Make your own Magnetic Palette
Here are two different videos on how to make different versions of a magnetic palette. The first video is like the one I created where you build it from scratch, where as the second video uses a DVD case to make the palette. Looking at both videos I decided that the first one(the one I chose) looked better and was a lot more sturdy that the other palette. Depending on your preference I thought it would be great to include both of these. If you are not happy with either of these, you can easily research another video.
How to: Depot Beauty Products

Depotting is basically that act of removing the metal pans holding your products from the larger palettes. I know that I had tons of quads, duos, and singles that had big and bulky containers. I hate that a whole quad that only had one eye shadow left was cluttering up my collection. I mean I hate to have it in there, but I did not want to waste it. By depotting the shadow I was to keep the shadow and trash the larger container. I can not tell you how much space that this has saved. I will add that depending on the original casing of the shadows, some are harder than others. For example, the Rimmel quad that I did was a lot harder than the others. There are several ways to remove them. You can just pop them out, but some prefer using heat to remove the pan from the palette.

My DIY Magnetic Palette

Below you will see the palette that I made, as well as the now empty palettes that are now trash. I ended up trashing at least 25 palettes, and it has made a world of difference in my collection. I would like to mention that all of my supplies for building this palette were purchased at Wal-Mart. I depotted many different brands such as: Mac, NYX, L’oreal, Merle Norman, Maybelline, Revlon, Clinique, and many more. 

I hope this helps answer questions and maybe give you some ideas of  how to create one of your own. So tell me what do you guys think…?!?